St. Joseph's Preparatory School proudly prepares its students for the nation's finest colleges and universities. We do so by hiring master teachers—men and women who have devoted themselves to the Jesuit education model of forming young men of competence, conscience and compassion.

It’s our #1 priority.

That’s why 92% of our teaching faculty hold a Master's degree or higher. We believe that when it comes to educating your son, it is the teacher in front of him every day who has the greatest impact. And that to be his best, a student must learn from the best. So that's who we have gathered.
The Prep offers a faculty unmatched—graduates of Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Notre Dame, Georgetown, and the University of Pennsylvania. Among us are Doctors of Science, Doctors of Education, and even a handful who are Doctors of Law. There’s a former CIA agent, pharmaceutical research scientist, and even a Dartmouth professor.

They’re all top-notch. And they’re all together in one place—one thriving, vibrant place—where compassion inspires passion, and where your son will discover what makes him tick through invigorating conversations with acclaimed, invested and fascinating professionals in their fields.

Faculty Directory & Course Catalog

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